Zac Page - Writer / Director & CEO

Zac Page

Writer & Director | CEO

Zac Page is an award winning independent filmmaker whose body of work has screened in film festivals around the world. After receiving his Bachelors degree in Film & Video Production from Grand Valley State University in 2010, he began development on multiple feature films and recently completed his feature debut BURST THEORY that is currently seeking distribution. In addition to directing his own work, Zac has been screenwriter for multiple award winning short films including: THE PAINTER AND THE WIFEMELON HEAD, and MOTHS. His body of feature scripts continues to grow as he collaborates with other independent filmmakers. Zac currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, bringing strategic vision in Digital Media and visual storytelling to the Mid-West community.




Cassidy Bisher

DIRECTOR & Editor | Cmo

Benefiting the human race, increasing the sum of knowledge in the world, gratifying my intellectual curiosity and continuing the spiritualization of my senses are MOST important to me. A Gen-X’er who believes good stories beg to be told. We need them. They are tools for existing. And we must pass them from generation to generation. 

I’m rebellious and unschooled—breaking the rules when I can but always honoring the form. A fool thinks unconscious habits are instinct. Long tough days are required. The road is never smooth. There’s no room for shortcuts, just being thoroughly meticulous. I do everything despite fear, ridicule and rejection because the world needs my courage. In the wild struggle for existence we want to have something that endures… so here I am ready for the call.




Lisa Mueller - Producer



Formerly an Engineer for over ten years, Lisa made a significant career move to pursue acting, which had been her long time passion. After a successful transition to the film and television industry, she turned her attention to Producing.

Being sought out for her strong business acumen, Lisa produced her first short film, After Visiting Hours. Since then, Lisa has been a producer on 4 short films, 3 feature films, and numerous commercial projects that have garnered her an ever-growing comprehension of the industry.

Her body of work includes the short film Moths; the recently distributed Devils In The Darkness; and the feature film currently touring the festival circuit Burst Theory.