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The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Cassidy Bisher
Director & Producer

Benefiting the human race, increasing the sum of knowledge in the world, gratifying my intellectual curiosity and continuing the spiritualization of my senses are MOST important to me. A Gen-X’er who believes good stories beg to be told. We need them. They are tools for existing. And we must pass them from generation to generation. 

I’m rebellious and unschooled—breaking the rules when I can but always honoring the form. A fool thinks unconscious habits are instinct. Long tough days are required. The road is never smooth. There’s no room for shortcuts, just being thoroughly meticulous. I do everything despite fear, ridicule and rejection because the world needs my courage. In the wild struggle for existence we want to have something that endures… so here I am ready for the call.

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There are so many ways to interpret reality, but discovering the right path to serve the story is most critical. It has to have the power to inspire an entire creative team to innovate and touch the souls of many. Good stories beg to be told.
— Cass


Zac Page
Writer & Creative Director

ZAC PAGE has established a distinctive voice and progressive vision as a filmmaker yielding a diverse portfolio of short form narratives over the past eight years. Acquiring multiple awards for his screenwriting and directing, Page's body of work has screened at film festivals around the world.

Zac's greatest passion is evaluating human behavior, discovering deeper ways to reach universal truths and communicate effectively through writing. Since acquiring his undergrad in 2010 Page has written five feature length scripts and just completed his feature film directorial debut Burst Theory that is seeking a festival world premiere, marketing and distribution.

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We are all messengers. It is a great responsibility to filter what is passed along to future generations. Thus, we must have a healthy view of our past in order to be a relevant and wise voice in our present. A house is still built one brick at a time. Each message matters.
— Zac

Andy Fortenbacher
Writer, director, and producer
New York City Office

With an MFA in narrative film directing from Columbia University (NYC), Fortenbacher has built a portfolio that is rich with stories about characters that battle their personal and external difficulties. He is particularly interested in dark dramas and genres such as suspense, thriller, and comedy; furthermore, he certainly isn’t afraid to mix genres either.  

Fortenbacher believes that exceptional work is the culmination of strong collaboration. As a result, he relies on his team while meticulously focusing on the details to achieve polished results on each project.

Fortenbacher is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild and has a high level of training in camera and lighting technique.  He also has an extensive background in post-production editing and sound design; he strives to stay current as technology and workflows evolve.  Fortenbacher’s technical proficiency produces a highly visual and auditory style that enhances his ability to tell his stories, while working within budget, crew, and schedule constraints.

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Craig Harmer
Director of Photography & Colorist

A cinematographer and camera operator with a background in darkroom photography, Craig Harmer is most known for his signature, cinematic imagery in the independent feature films Burst Theory and Mother’s Milk, as well as his many broadcast television advertising and short film productions.  As a GVSU film school undergraduate student, he was privileged to connect and work with a diverse range of filmmakers and writers, many of whom he continues to collaborate with today. 

Recently, Craig has further expanded his catalog in both TV and narrative fiction projects, working on production for national NASCAR television campaigns, the recent Columbia University graduate thesis film Moths, and his upcoming third feature film Residuum which was produced in Chicago.  With several additional films and media projects in development for the future, Craig hopes to continue pursuing challenging and unusual work, increasing his ever-growing range of influences and experiences in television and feature film.

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Lisa Mueller

Formerly an Engineer for over ten years, Lisa made a significant career move to pursue acting, which had been her long time passion. After a successful transition to the film and television industry, she turned her attention to Producing.

Being sought out for her strong business acumen, Lisa produced her first short film, After Visiting Hours. Since then, Lisa has been a producer on 4 short films, 3 feature films, and numerous commercial projects that have garnered her an ever-growing comprehension of the industry.

Her body of work includes the soon to be released short film Moths; the recently distributed Devils In The Darkness; and the feature film currently touring the festival circuit Burst Theory.

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Doing something is easy, doing something well is difficult, when you strive for excellence it is rewarding.
— Lisa


Jesse Low
Writer, Director & Producer

Jesse has worked in film & video production for over 12 years.  Spending his childhood in a South Pacific jungle, he found the world as an experience to be shared.  From Boston to L.A., from Hollywood features to Indie's and commercials, he has worked as nearly every position on and off set.  

Starting as an intern at Spyglass Entertainment, and developing into an independent writer, director and producer, Jesse has the creative vision to develop original ideas and the industry experience to turn them into reality.

Each project that is before us is the chance to create a story never seen before and impact a world in need of hope. Despite budget or limitation, the power of light is universal.
— Jesse