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Cassidy Bisher - Director/Producer/Owner

Cassidy 'Cass' Bisher is owner of DropDrop Studios. He has worked with high-profile clients including Verizon, AT&T, CAT and his work is seen on the Discovery Channel, History Channel and various TV commercials.

He is currently working on a few short films including a feature film which is in the drafting phase. To learn more about his narrative endeavors visit cassidybisher.com and check out the blog.

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Make your movies Epic!

Our Red Epic shoots 5K progressive images (5120 x 2700). For a lot of producers, 4K resolution has been the yardstick for likeness to 35mm film resolution. You get the characteristic of shooting 35mm but at a fraction of the price tag.

5K refers to the size of the sensor in the RED Epic camera. Comparing it to HD, the sensor measures 1920 x 1080 pixels. The image detail and color depth are good, but not GREAT. The Epic can shoot many other formats including 1k (400 fps) 2K (300 fps) and 4K (120 fps). This makes it perfect for any production. The power of this camera is it's cinematic quality. You get the appearance and superiority of film (well close to it, don't want to tick of Christopher Nolan) , but keep the cost low for your production.


Storyboarding - Pre-Production

We can create a sequence of pictures created by one of our production illustrators to communicate the desired general visual appearance on camera of a scene or movie.  


Post Production

DropDrop Studios is an artist owned and driven post-production facility as well. Targeted at the high-end commercial film market. We are located in the Grand Rapids Rockford MI Area (Working & Traveling Globally).