A DropDrop Studios Original

Directed by Cassidy Bisher
Writen by Mary Krell-Oishi
Produced by Zac Page & Lisa Mueller

A sharp, corporate panther is on his way to the top of his domain, when a very important elevator ride is intruded upon by an aimless ruffian. A situation that hangs poised to bring them both down.

Script nominated for Best Dialogue & Most Likely to be Produced
Action on Film International Film Festival 2013


Poster Art


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Going to the top - short film

Behind The Scenes


Title card, credits and posters


Calligraphy, Graphic Design, Typography

Cassidy Bisher worked closely with Pavel Zertsikel on style and tone for all the marketing collateral that is used for Going to the Top. Visit his Behance page to see the results.