A new collaboration with Director Zac Page and Singer-Songwriter Fiona Dickinson.

Fiona Dickinson is a British songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Along with her work in the Double Phelix Music Collective and playing in the ambient shoegaze project, Saltbreaker, Fiona has a lengthy list of collaborations on stage, in the studio, and with independent film. The song "Roses" was written for the end credits of Zac Page's feature film Burst Theorywhich she also scored.

Taking a cue from Bjork-esque vocalists, as well as adding elements of shoegaze, old time folk, and lush string arrangements, Fiona creates a beguiling dark sound. While the instrumentation of reverberated guitars, violins, and cellos is invariably complex and often provide unexpected hooks that draw a listener in, Fiona's most affecting instrument is her voice. Rich and mature, she drives it fluidly between sweetly breathed coos and full-throated wails. Her live shows are intimate and deep, begging the undivided attention of the listener. If you are in or around Grand Rapids, you should check her live performance schedule and catch her at one of the city's many great venues.