DropDrop Studios began in 2007 as a leading Motion Graphics post-production house. We quickly expanded into Video Production working with high-profile clients such as Verizon, AT&T, Amway, Caterpillar, and more. Since then we have grown into a full creative studio combining the forces of high end video production, trail-blazing motion graphics, and custom music.


Zac Page


Zac oversees the overall leadership of the team, along with planning and execution of the long-term strategic vision. Along with Zac's business management background, he also brings a decade's worth of production experience as an accomplished Writer & Director with numerous films to his credit. Often referred to as the eternal optimist, Zac is all about inspiring a collaborative and fun culture, pushing everyone to improve their craft and get the best results.

Zac Page - Writer / Director & CEO
Cassidy Bisher - Director

Cassidy Bisher


Cass is the company's pioneer, and leads the team through his thirst for emerging markets. Cass oversees our internal marketing team and has a strong passion for helping our customers expand their online footprint. Being a Musician & Sound Engineer for over twenty years, paired with his decade in Editing & Motion Graphics, Cass is a Post-Production dynamo across the board. Courageous and unflinching are his modes of operation, driving our creative team to blaze new trails and enjoy the ride.


Lisa Mueller


Lisa is our internal operations architect. Monitoring financials, writing policy and streamlining all-things-process is the name of her game. With her decade of experience as an Engineer, she doesn't miss any details. Always abreast to changing trends, Lisa leads the team through best business practices, ensuring we always do what is right. With numerous films as Producer and Actress in her repertoire, Lisa is also a well-rounded creative. She's not just all business, folks.


Lisa Mueller - Producer

Michael Medici

producer | client support

Michael is a natural born research junkie. If he doesn’t know something, he loves to learn. With a passion for all things filmmaking since he was in 6th grade, Michael is no stranger to production, having had his hand in multiple roles on set. As a traveler, he has probably seen more of the world than the DropDrop team combined. With a diverse palette for ethnic foods, Michael is highly cultured, but a truly humble fellow at heart. Most of all, he just loves to learn about people, and help in any way he can. 


Craig Harmer


Craig is a master of the image. His background in darkroom photography and ten years of shooting a diverse range of Film & Commercial Video brings great breadth of wisdom to every job. As a collaborator, he is a Director's dream, with an uncanny ability to adopt and realize every vision. His passion for Industry Standards, while pushing for innovation, results in a well-balanced, craft-centered value system. As our Branding guru, Craig brings the same level of tenacity to our quality guarantee for every project. It's all in the results.

Andy Fortenbacher - Director

Andy Fortenbacher


Andy has been a long time collaborator, and originally a Michigan native. During his Graduate Program at Columbia University, we had the privilege of partnering up with Andy on a few award-winning projects, including MOTHS which was a semi-finalist for a Student Academy Award 2015. Since completing his MFA, Andy has been overseeing our New York office, and continues to bring strategic vision to our commercial and narrative work on the East Coast.