Moths - Official Trailer

Cassidy Bisher from DropDrop Studios partners with Director Andy Fortenbacher as Co-Executive Producer on the short film MOTHS written by Zac Page. This period drama was shot in West Michigan during the polar vortex of Winter 2014. Post production was completed in Spring 2014 for the film's Columbia University Film Festival, NY premiere and is now garnering attention in the 2014/2015 festival circuit.


The chills of winter blow through a rural Midwestern community in 1944 and Sam Whitaker, a lonely 9-year-old, awaits her father’s return from the World War II front lines. One day, Sam has a chance run in with a disfigured older boy named Frank, who is known for his monstrous appearance as the town outcast. Despite the harsh criticism from her peers, Sam befriends Frank, and learns a lesson about true friendship while nurturing a rare breed of moths. Read more about this project on Cassidy Bisher's Blog.


Going to the Top - Teaser Trailer

What goes up must come down.

A DropDrop Studios original directed by Cassidy Bisher and written by Mary Krell-Oishi. This twisted script concept garnered attention at Action On Film Festival 2013. Here's a teaser to wet the appetite. This mind-bending short film will travel the 2015 film festival circuit seeking a world premiere.


Midwest Juliet - A poem by Ivan Jenson

The All-American girl next door... who got away.

This is the 3rd collaboration between Poet/Author Ivan Jenson & Director Cassidy Bisher. Jenson is author of Media Child and Other poems published by Hen House Press. To learn more about Ivan and his upcoming work visit

Special Thanks to Rob Kaczmark at Spirit Juice Studios in Chicago.


Reboot Buggy

This was an exciting collaboration between Bass Creative and DropDrop Studios. Our hope is that Joey's story inspires more people to ask great questions and live with a vibrant curiosity. Cassidy Bisher hit the Sand Dunes at Silver Lake Michigan to capture the slow motion shots for this film.


Rockford - Where You Belong

In West Michigan, with its wonder and beauty, the city of Rockford is a destination set apart from all the rest. It's a special place where generations have come to make a good home, build a thriving business community or just spend a day relaxing by the Rogue River. It's where you belong.

Featured at multiple Celebration Cinema Theaters across West Michigan and played during a recent 2014 Monday Night Football showdown of the Detroit Lions vs. The NY Giants.



CAT Footwear - Break New Ground

A rewarding collaboration with CAT footwear.

Hailing from a world of industry, where effort is everything and hard work pays off, we believe in those who strive, push the boundaries, innovate and 'break new ground.' Let's push things forward.