Moths - Official Trailer

Cassidy Bisher from DropDrop Studios partners with Andy Fortenbacher as Co-Executive Producer on his short film "Moths" coming in March 2014.

Synopsis: The chills of winter blow through a rural Midwestern community in 1944 and Sam Whitaker, a lonely 9-year-old, awaits her father’s return from the World War II front lines. One day, Sam has a chance run in with a disfigured older boy named Frank, who is known for his monstrous appearance as the town outcast. Despite the harsh criticism from her peers, Sam befriends Frank, and learns a lesson about true friendship while nurturing a rare breed of moths. Read more about this project on Cassidy Bisher's Blog.


Going to the Top - Teaser Trailer


Midwest Juliet - A poem by Ivan Jenson

The All-American girl next door who got away...

This is the 3rd collaboration between the Poet/Author Ivan Jenson & Cassidy Bisher

Ivan Jenson is author of the book of poems, Media Child and Other poems published by Hen House Press.


Special Thanks to Rob Kaczmark at Spirit Juice Studios in Chicago.


Reboot Buggy

Check out this film that DropDrop Studios and Baas Creative collaborated on! Our hope is that Joey's story inspires more people to ask great questions and to live curiously. Cassidy Bisher spent a day out in the Sand Dunes at Silver Lake Michigan capturing the slow motion shots in this film. Got a little sandy but it was worth it!


Rockford - Where You Belong

In West Michigan, with its wonder and beauty, Rockford Michigan is a destination apart. It's a special place where generations have come to make a good home, build a thriving business... or just spend a day relaxing by the Rogue River. 


Ashes of Eden - Feature Film

Official theatrical trailer for ASHES OF EDEN. Written and Directed by Shane Hagadorn.

"The troubled son of a police officer steals from a ruthless drug dealer to save his mother from financial ruin.  His descent into the brutal drug world to raise the cash, he is hunted by the dealer, the police, and his own addictions."

DropDrop Studios with Yellow Jacket provided the Aerial Cinematography. Motion Graphics by Cassidy Bisher of DropDrop Studios.